It is just a personal thought about how to expand the power of mind

We do take supplements to aid beside eating healthy food to help the physical body healthier.   A build muscle man needs to take high dose of protein in many forms to pump muscles grow bigger. What do we do to help the brain works more powerful.
Sleeping is a way that we recharge the energy in our bodies. When the healing time will process in our organs. Though, it is not enough energy to heal severe injures that why we need medicine to add the power.Any other external source that we can use to stimulate the brain more powerful ? Yes, we have huge source of energy in the universe to use.
Why scientists and research centers use the energy from the  solar system, oceanic waves, wind, water, lightening to make electricity ? Because it has a huge natural source of power that we can use.
We can use the powerful source from the universe to stimulate the power in the human brain.
We can charge our physical/ spiritual energy from the source of the universal ? It give our minds more powerful: think clear, fresh ideas, internal healing naturally. Powerful mind creates strong physical.
Both universe and human body are made of atom. Though, there is one connection between universe and human body: the atom.
The universe is made of atoms which are made of electrons (negative), protons (positive), and neutrons (neutral) which are made of elementary particles. Human body also makes of atom. Our atoms are also made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons . Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have a neutral charge, and electrons have a negative charge.
This is a perfect match keys between universe and human body.  That is the reason why we can use the energy from the universe to our bodies.
Why we should take energy from the universe ?To recharge the physical energy, extend the power of the mind, heal internal organs in our bodies and lift out spiritual mind. Specially, learn to empty mind, clean, refresh and recharge, circulate interal energy by using the external energy from the universe.
How the brain works ? Everything we do is controlled  by electrical signals running through our bodies. When these charges are out of balance, an atom becomes either positively or negatively charged. The switch between one type of charge and the other allows electrons to flow from one atom to another. This flow of electrons, or a negative charge, is what we call electricity. Since our bodies are huge masses of atoms, we can generate electricity. Since our bodies are huge masses of atoms, we can generate electricity and transfer the energy to the whole body. The electrical charge is jumping from one  cell  to the next until it reaches its destination. For instant, when we talk to the nervous system sending “signals” from the brain,  the brain telling our hands to contract around a door handle. What we’re talking about is electricity carrying messages between point A and point B. This is the way of how electrical charges in our bodies. When we connect to the universe, we send a signal to the uniserve to receive the charge, that would be the same.
How we connect to the universe and get the energy? We can be able to connect the electrical signals from our brain to the electrical of the universe. The electrical charge is jumping from one  cell  to the next until it reaches its destination. Therefore,   we meditate to connect to the universe through the mind. We will charge our  energy by using the energy from the universe  to our nervous system. It will recharge, renew every atom in our body, heal some damage cell in our brain, and refresh our nerve systems. Quantum healing processing the same way with the quantum theory (1) in the universe.
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy (the name literally means Universal Life Force Energy).  Though, Lama has the same idea what he presented in his book:  “The Universe in a Single Atom” he tells how he walked the mountains around his home trying to persuade hermits to contribute to scientific understanding by meditating with electrodes on their heads.”- (2).
How we get charge effectively? We just open the mind and receive it freely and joyful. The more we  open the top of the head to receive  the protons, neutrons, electrons transfer from the universe to our bodies. We  breath calmly and talk to universe that we are ready to do the transfer.
In conclusion, our bodies will get heal internally and spiritually when we meditate and connect to the universe. We can expand our power of mind through receiving energy from the universe.

(1) Reiki:


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