persuasive message

Persuasive and Marketing Messages

    Define the goals in persuasive message:
  • Gain attention – describe a problem, reader benefit, compliment, stimulating question
    Build Interest – examples, details, expert opinion
    Reduce Resistance – this needs to be anticipated so a good response is thoughtful and thorough (by asking them for suggestions and incorporating their ideas.)( and find a right time
    Motivate Action – be specific about what you would like the reader or listener to do
    Be Persuasive but Ethical – be honest, fair, and objective
    • How to organize the Persuasive and Marketing Messages
  • Persuasive messages flowing downward ( from boss to worker: staff meeting
    Persuasive messages flowing downward should sound conversational not authoritarian, preachy or parental.
    Benefits should be emphasized.
    When selling ideas to management, it is helpful if a case can be made for saving money.
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