Adobe Touch Apps / Adobe Proto

Adobe Touch Apps / Adobe Proto  

Adobe Proto: Create interactive wireframes and prototypes for websites and mobile apps.¹ Use quick stroke gestures, a CSS snap grid, and a gallery of components to quickly capture design concepts. Share ideas in person on your tablet, or upload your files to Adobe® Creative Cloud for remote collaboration.

Stroke gestures

Sketch website and mobile app wireframe layouts with simple finger strokes on your tablet’s touchscreen.

Component toolbox

Component toolbox

Insert interactive wireframe components from the component toolbox, including menus, tabs, accordions, and more, to quickly capture your design idea.

CSS grid system

CSS grid system

Build your interactive wireframes using well-known CSS grid systems, or work freeform with a blank sheet.

Browser support

Browser support

Render, view, and interact with your designs in popular web browsers. The latest webkit and jQuery support help maintain the integrity of your designs.

Open, modify Adobe Proto for iPad *.pro files within Dreamweaver  

Once installed, simply sync your instance of Adobe Proto to the Creative Cloud and download Adobe Proto for iPad native files to your desktop. Then, open the downloaded files in Dreamweaver and modify the CSS, HTML and JavaScript code.




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