Solving Problems: Questions

What … 

is the problem?

are he underlying issues?

Preconceptions, prejudices, or paradigms maybe influencing my perception?

Will happen if I ignore it ?

problems maybe caused by solving this problem ?

 metaphors from nature can I use to illuminate it ?

did it start? 

does it happen?

doesn’t it happen?

will the consequences of it be felt?

must be resolved?


Who …

cares about it?

is affected by it ?

created it ?

perpectuates it ?

can help solve it ?


How … 

does it happen?

can i get more objective information?

can I look at it from unfamiliar perspectives?

can it be changed ?

 will I know that it has been solved?


Where ….

does it happen ?

did it begin?

haven’t I looked?

else has this happend?


Why … 

it is important?

did it start?

does it continue? 


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