Casein Paint

  • What is Casein Paint: a glue-like consistency, but can be thinned with water to the degree that fits a particular artist’s style and desired result. It can be used on canvas panels, illustration boards, paper, wood and masonite. Because the dried paint film is inflexible and brittle, it is not appropriate to be applied in heavy impastos on flexible supports such as canvas. Canvas laminated to board is more suitable. Casein paint is reworkable and can be used for underpainting. It generally dries to a matte finish.
  • How to use casein paint: Casein paint has been used since ancient Egyptian times as a form of tempera  paint, and is still used today. One of the qualities that artists value casein paint for is that, unlike gouache , it dries to an even consistency making it ideal for murals. Also, visually it can resemble oil painting  more than most other water based paints, and works well as an underpainting.

    Casein paint loses its solubility with time and exposure and becomes water resistant. It is suited most to inflexible surfaces including furniture. It can be buffed to a soft velvet finish when dry, or varnished for a gloss finish.

  • Casein: a variety of visual effects: apply think and transparently, add some white to make the paint more translucent ” cloudy veil” look.
  • If we apply opaquely, the lights dry darker and the darks dry lighter.
  • Good to use en plain air.
  • Wet into wet : Casein dries very quick and within a short time (few hours, depending on the colors)
  • Add water or ammonia: 1:9 ratio.
  • How to make milk paint: A quick way to make casein painting medium is to take some skim milk cottage  cheese  and first wash off any of the milky fluids. The lumps of casein left behind are then dissolved by adding, in a pot, water and some ammonia. The ammonia should be preferably in the form of ammonium carbonate. As the mixture is stirred while it warms it begins to froth and the lumps dissolve. It is not boiled but kept simmering and stirred until the frothing stops. After the syrup is cooled, that is the medium. It looks like white school glue or heavy cream. It keeps in a refrigerator for about four days.
  • Why use Casein:
  • What is good about Casein paint:
  • Simple recipe for casein binder 
  • Video how to make milk paint aEarth

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