My journal : sculpture class


Day 1: love and crazy about it at the first sight. Learn to know that tools and work on the mature (?)
Fill the body with clay. Can’t control to stop working.

Day 2: sculpture class.
1.Learn to observe the model . Comparing drawing and painting on human figure , doing sculpture is really awesome experience. No wonder many people quit paint after they do sculpture . Because they are really in touch with the artworks. This is my feeling at this moment as well.

Yes, sketching and observing are the must-to-do first to get the right gesture, capture the mood or create the story with the body language . However, the teacher suggests to focus on the realistic. Do exactly what you see and not trying to make prettier.

2. There are many interesting way to create the textures.

3. The skeleton structure is always the most important form at the beginning. Keep lean and more realistic. Next time spend more time on that. Do more studies.

4. Rest, observe and Evaluate during the break. Meditate in few minutes with eye close before the new session. Fresh eyes can catch mistakes. Drink Water .

5. Do check list after each session

6. Read and research more

7. Take picture the artwork after each class and evaluate the progress.

8. Research the tools and how to use them.

9. Check the proportion and the pose. The same technique with drawing, the relationship of the shapes.

10. Shadows with dark , curve deep.

11. Draw and make the curves with the tools.

12. The same technique with drawing: Define the form first, draw the lines and shapes. Probably, drawing cubism style for the sketch is the best way to visualize the whole picture (?).


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