Journal Sculpture:


Day 3: complete the figure in class.
1. Work on the armature: build the skeleton. Great book: Modeling the Figure In Clay: A Sculptor’s Guide to Anatomy by Bruno Lucchesi.
2. Caution: fire with the aluminum armature inside (?) : crack ???
3. Use Red Clay with no grog.
4. Skeleton measure:
5.Add Clay to build muscles: Group of muscles :

Day 4: Modeling the Head In Clay @ Home.
Book Reference: Creative techniques For the Sculptor by Bruno Lucchesi
1. Constructing the Head Mass: More newspapers inside: Less heavy.
2. Roughing in the Face: Measure, measure, measure
3. Build up the planes and details: like drawing and painting : lines, shadow, measure.
4. Expression: sketch the composition before building the head.
5. Rest in half hour: check overall.
Project: Ellen B.’s head for Steve B. Title “The Lost Wife” (?). “In Memory Of My Lovely Ellen” (!)


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