About The Artist

About The Artist

Thuy Le is  an contemporary artist working as a Fine Art Painter, Sculptor and visual designer. She is a self-taught artist who explores a variety of art forms, mediums and perspectives. She has an entrepreneurial mindset which enables her to create new prototypes for her art. Everyday is a new day to exercise a creative life.

Thuy Le had a strong passion in dance since she was eight years old.  Dancing has thought her to use music to express her feelings through body movements. In 1996, she immigrated from Vietnam to live in the Silicon Valley, California. She studied and worked as a visual designer and web designer. She created art works on the computer and created websites with Interactive software like Flash, Dreamweaver, Director, Lightroom, Indesign, Photoshop … (Adobe Creative Suite). In 2010, she volunteered to work as an Art Docent Of Los Gatos interacting with the elementary students in the Los Gatos district. Working with the students in the classroom helped her to find her true passion in fine art painting. Thuy then decided to work full time as a fine art painter.  Her favorite medium is oil and mixed media. She also enjoys to sculpt with clay, chicken wire, wood and other materials. Her favorite subjects are portraiture and the human form. In her spare time she experiments with photography, digital graphic art and video editing. She is currently pursuing a degree in interior design. Her dream is to squire the knowledge to create unique art works to display in interior spaces.

She enjoy life as a journey through art and design. The very same journey takes her to more avenues for new ideas. It also opens new horizons to create unique artworks without any limitation in creativity. Her goal is to employ art and design as a key to decode the idea of how many possibilities can solve a problem.

Her physical activities are contemporary dance, lyrical dance, jazz, flamenco, zumba, yoga, worzd dance, meditation, gardening, cook, and travel

Fine Art Gallery: http://www.thuylestudio.com

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About Me: http://about.me/bthuy.le

Graphic Design Site: thuyledesign.com

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