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I am working as a Visual Designer and Fine Art Painter, Sculptor. I also love to play with  photography, digital graphic art, videos and sculptures. I am currently  pursuing  the degree in interior design.

I enjoy life as a journey through the art and design. The very same journey takes me to more avenues for new ideas. It also opens new horizons to create unique artworks without any limitation in creativity. Creative thinking, creative solution are my goal to pursuing in life and using art as a key to express how many posibilities that we can solve problems.

This website serves as my journal, my personal note where I keep track my experience in Art and design. My reflection thoughts  and  my note of all inspirations around me.

My Interest: Dance (ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, flamenco), yoga, play sport ( squash), gardening, cook, and travel …

Fine Art Gallery: http://www.thuylestudio.com

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About Me: http://about.me/bthuy.le

Graphic Design Site: thuyledesign.com

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