Emotional Intelligence

  1. Personal competence:
    • Self Awareness: self reflection
    • Self management: self control
  2. Social competence
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Management

Self Awareness:  Spending time thinking through the emotion to figure out where they come from and why they are there. reaction from what we perceive and reactions to the world around us. Self reflection and develop a straightforward and honest understanding of what makes we tick. Guided by the mistaken notion and learn how to copy with crisis.

Then, next time to learn to stay calm, make clear long -term goals, don’t need to play “mind games” with others. Honest about what we feel without getting bent out of shape about it. Stay firm and still kind at the same time. Aware of tone and make an effort to keep the conversation appropriate. Build trust . Self-control , stay flexible and direct behavior in a positive way.

Social awareness: Listen and observe to  understand what is going on around in the environment. Stop talking and monologue.

Reading the emotions of others. Respectfully listens to others and then offers opinions. Sincere interest in understanding others and offers them valuable insights based on what they’re doing or saying.

Relationship Management:  Self -Awareness + Self-management + Social Awareness. Clear communication and effective handling of conflict. The bond to build relationship with others over time. Be able to see the benefit of connecting with many different people. How to understand people around, how to treat and share the history with others.

How to deal with stressful situations: anger, frustration

  •  Empathetic listener
  • Express with thoughtful insight
  • Stay calm
  • Compassionate
  • Practice some strategies:  prepare some alternate reaction when I get angry.


  1. Deep breathe and go away, don’t talk, write on paper, or draw
  2. Name some values that i should maintain a good relationship: in someone shoe, say how i feel.
  3. Make a strategy to say and don’t hurt others and solve problems

Social Awareness Strategies:

  1. Greet People by Name
  2. Watch Body Language
  3. Make timing Everything
  4. Develop a Back-pocket Questions
  5. Don’t Take notes at Meetings
  6. Plan Ahead for the Social Gathering
  7. Clear Away the Clutter
  8. Live in the moment
  9. Go on a 15 minute Tour
  10. Watch EQ at the Movies
  11. Practice the Art Of Listening
  12. Go People Watching
  13. Understand the Rules of the Culture Game
  14. Test For Accuracy
  15. Step into Their Shoes
  16. Seek the Whole Picture
  17. Catch the Mood Of the Room