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Submitted Student Honor Awards Competition: IIDA International Interior Design Association / Northern California Chapter




working on the design: “Air travels with the excitement “

Design concept: air 

 statement: Travel from the sky to the wonder wild, explore the nature world from the top high level to the deep down bottom ground, and cool down the excitement in a tiny spot.




From 2D to 3D Design: Step by Step from 50 sketches to 3D Design

From 50 sketches – 3d mobile model process

Design concept : “Sensation”

1. Brainstorm ideas with 50 sketches
2. Posibility layout design ” Sensation”
3 Decide the layout composition and focal point of the design
4. Evaluate with the keywords and stay focus on the composition elements
5. Final design :”Sensation” is “Sensation” is the layers of experience through 5 senses.
6. Study model design in 5 minutes
6. Study model : side view
7. Evaluate: sketch and plan how to transform from 2D design to 3D design
8. Evaluate, analyze and develop to transform from 2D to 3D model
9. Model design ” Sensation” version 1
Final design :”Sensation” is the layers of experience through 5 senses …a great sense of combination ingredients, composing skillfully, modify the origin and twist some complex textures , taste it with attractive visual, feel it with pleasure of a soothing sound, touch it with the playful joy of interesting shapes, unlock it with some opening doors to explore the content through 5 senses”
10. Evaluate and develop elements in deep with more details with vocabulary check list on the model design