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Oil on canvas ” Mediterranean Dreams ” by thuylestudio 

Oil on canvas, Mediterranean house, building structure, architecture, ocean, beach view , floral
Mediterranean Dream

Art Juror – Lunar New Year – Tet – Art Contest- Culture

One of the most rewarding, but also challenging tasks asked of arts professionals is to jury a show. Within the short time span of a few hours, one is asked to make hundreds of decisions. Is this work in? Is this work out? Does this work merit an award? Which work, among this diverse range of media deserves to be called “the best?”




The LGAA Member’s Juried Show at the JCC has been receiving “wonderful reviews and Comments” according to Rabbi James Green at the JCC.  Because the show has been so well received they would “greatly appreciate” the LGAA extending the show to February 8th.  On January 25th , one major event called “Jewbilee”.  This year’s theme for “Jewbilee” is the south bay:   700- 800 people will attend this one day event.

The LGAA Member’s Juried Show at the Jewish Community Center, Los Gatos California
The LGAA Member’s Juried Show 2014 at the Jewish Community Center, Los Gatos California

Painting series “Within the Mind” # 2: “Possibilities” Oil On Canvas 36 X 28. Reserved for Exhibition

I started to develop the new collection “Within the Mind”. Life is so wonderful if we open up to understand the meaning. This series of painting will be the new  journey to search for the keys and try to understand the values. In this journey, many interesting things will reveal along as well ….

Painting #1: “Creativity”: the experiment of practicing yoga and meditation to achieve the balance in mind. Painted: October 2014. Reserved for Exhibition.

creativity, oil painting, fine art, mind, within the mind, painting series , mixed media painting, mixed media, thuylestudio.com
“Creativity” painting, mixed media on canvas, 30 X 40 . Painted Oct 2014

Painting #2:  “Possibilities” is the idea of connecting the dots. When we connect one dot to another we create a new possibility. With a network of connecting dots we are creating infinite possibilities. In this painting, each brush stroke can be compared to a dot, when I connect one brush stroke with another brush stroke, when I choose the colors, the focal point I connect the idea, the shape, the form, different possibilities to create art. Painted: October 2014. Reserved for exhibition.

Within the mind "Possibilities" Oil On Canvas 36 X 28 . thuylestudio.com
Within the mind “Possibilities” Oil On Canvas 36 X 28 . thuylestudio.com

Painting #3: “Solving Problem”. Plan to paint Nov. – Dec 2014.

Work on the short choreography in the modern dance class. Using the foot work to create the movement in the painting.

Choosing the music and translate into the color composition. Working on the sketches.

Painting #4: “Timing” . Right timing is one of  the key to success in many things.

Painting #5:  “Release Stress” ; working on this piece. Started Oct – due date: Nov . Will be a gift for Jo S.

Idea of melting down , release the nervous, blending the thoughts,  …., unfold the worrying, break out, smooth out, …. relax, find peace in mind …

Painting #6: The Art of using a Pause”: How we make a pause, why we make a pause and when we use the pause… it is the art. …. gather information from famous speakers, singers ….. .