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Working on Still Life oil paintings

Flemish Method oil on canvas
The Apples oil painting on canvas. 8 X 10
oil painting, girl in white dress, fruits on hands
Girl holding fruits

Note: 7 layers Flemish method:
Work on umber layers, built up the value toning layers and glazing with compliment colors.
Medium: Only, apply oil to the place that I want to glaze, use a sponge to reduce oil and glaze layer by layer.
Sanded or scraped smooth after each layer.
Only use Old master painting colors: http://www.gamblincolors.com/oil.painting.techniques/palettes.old.masters.html

Glazing techniques from Masters Painters
1. http://www.essentialvermeer.com/technique/technique_glazing.html
2. http://www.realcolorwheel.com/Bouguereau.htm

Bouguereau'cs palette:
Naples Yellow (lead antimonate)
Chrome Yellow, dark
Cobalt Blue
White Lead
Light Vermilion
Chinese Vermilion
Mars Brown (iron oxide); this available from Lefranc & Bourgeois Van Dyck Brown
Burnt Sienna
Ivory Black
Genuine Rose Madder, dark