Thinking strategy

March 28 2015

Feb 28 2015

Dec 21 2012
The Great work: Define who we are and what we are good at on doing things that make we grow fast and enjoy the works the most.
“define the Great Work as making my veils transparent enough and opening myself up enough that I can perceive the cosmic Will flowing through me, and channel it. Why, from a state of normal consciousness, should I do that? Because that’s truly expressing what I call “myself” anyway. How can my personality attain happiness when it is fundamentally opposed to what it truly is?
Discover my sweet spot: sweet spot in squash, tennis, golf. It’s the part of the racquet, bat or club that allows you to get the most impact for the least effort. When you hit the sweet spot, the ball goes in the right direction and give the opponent the most hard time to return the shot. It is so sweet and you feel great. That makes the game fun, enjoyable. In the same way, each of us has certain talent, skills and interests and we make it easy as a piece of cake while others are very struggling to play with. When we know the sweet spot and we stick with it and practice constantly. Sweet spots give you a good measuring stick for making decisions and setting priorities about how to use your time.Living within in my strengths and set it as my priorities will make me fast to be successful person.

Gather the sources and create some magics.

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